Registration is Closed

Los Angeles


Slide Start Time
12:00 PM

Temple St. and Los Angeles St.

Registration Options

Single Slider - $

You will receive a wristband that gives you the ability to slide one time anytime during the day. You will also receive a mouthguard and a water gun. Please remember that we require you to slide on an inflatable tube. We will have some sweet ones for sale in case you forget.

Triple Slider - $15

You will receive a wristband that gives you the ability to slide three times anytime during the day. Along with the wristband you will receive a tube (we require sliding on tubes), a mouthguard and a water gun.

VIP Slider - Sold Out

Only other VIPer's will be allowed to slide from 11am to 12pm & 5pm to 6pm. In addition to that, you will receive a wristband that gives to the ability to slide as many times as you like anytime during the day. You will also receive some other goodies including a sweet t-shirt, upgraded water gun, tube (we require sliding on tubes), and a trucker hat to keep your nose from getting burned.

Event Day Info

Slide the City Postponed

After tirelessly working with the City over the past 2+ months we received word that our permit is being denied. We have been working even harder over the past few days to resolve any issues the City may have but it appears there is no resolution. Whether this is a direct result of the drought or something else, we want to assure all of our participants and vendors that we have gone through every appropriate permitting step required. We have even jumped through many additional "hoops" the City has created in the hope that they would see that we were flexible and willing to work with them. Unfortunately they have still denied our permit. Please feel free to contact us for a specific recounting of our permitting process. We would be happy to provide it.

Mainly, we want to apologize to all of our participants in this SOLD OUT event. We take full responsibility for our permit denial. We would love for participants to stick with us as we continue to work through issues with the city in order to hold the event in the near future. Your place in the event is secure and we want you to be the first in LA to slide with us. However, if any participant would like a refund we are more than happy to refund them. For permit information or refund requests please contact us at

We are very hopeful that the City will work with us so that we can bring this great event to the streets of LA. Please know that we are at the city offices right now trying everything we can.

With humility,
Slide the City

About Slide The City

Summer time is upon us, and we are bringing 1000 feet of soapy vinyl to brighten your city streets. Come dressed to impress because you'll be climbing the corporate ladder once your boss spies you from his corner office with your hot bod, cool dance moves and slick slides. Did we mention 1000 feet? Yeah, that's over 3 football fields. Usain Bolt will be green with envy once he sees how fast you can cover that much ground. Oh and in case you were wondering, our slide was made right here in the good ole U.S of A and travels with us throughout the country. We like to think of ourselves as carney workers who still have all of our teeth.

Slide the City is a family friendly slip-and-slide water party event. There will be live music, food, drinks, water, and of course the biggest slip and slide ever to hit asphalt. Don't worry, we got this thing padded and everyone gets an inner tube to use. Bring your water balloons, buckets, floaties, and water guns (non-realistic of course), to squirt, spray, splash, and get all attending soaked.


Description Fee Deadline
Early Bird Registration 15.00
Regular Registration 20.00 9/26/2014
Day of Registration 25.00 9/28/2014

Slide Open Times

Start Time
12:00 PM, Sunday, September 28th

Be a Volunteer

We love love love our volunteers and we couldn't put on the event without you. Your help is super appreciated and we will hook you up with a sweet Slide the City volunteer T-shirt for helping us out.

We break volunteers' hours into 6 hour shifts. We will have 3 shifts, a morning shift, afternoon and night shift.

Day Shift: 9:45am to 4pm (Check-in, safety and maintenance)
Late Day Shift 4pm to 10pm (Final registration and clean-up)
Evening Shift: 5pm to 10pm (Safety and Clean up, this shift usually ends early)

Charity Partner

Slide the City is gearing up to bring you the slide of your life and is benefitting, a humanitarian organization dedicated to ending the clean water crisis in developing countries around the world. Each Slide the City event will fund a one water well and provide clean water to over 500 people in need. For more information please visit

Weather and News

Watch CNN or Fox for the latest news but we'll also be posting any last minute changes here.