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You’ll get an entry wristband, a drawstring bag, and a mouth guard. Remember that we require all participants to slide with an inflatable tube. We will have some sweet ones for sale in case you forget to bring one. When purchasing your ticket you will select a 2-hour wave time during which you can get your slide. 

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You’ll get a wristband that gives you three slides during the wave time you choose. You’ll also receive a tube, a mouth guard, and a drawstring bag. When purchasing your ticket you will select a 2-hour wave time in which to slide. Be sure to arrive before the wave time starts so you can get all of your slides.

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Ultimate Sliders can slide as many times as possible between the hours of 9am and Noon only. You’ll also receive a drawstring bag, a mouth guard, an inflatable tube, and a hat to keep your nose from getting burned. Make sure to show up at the beginning of your wave time so you can maximize your number of slides!

El Paso

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Bikes, bussing, public transportation, and carpooling are encouraged. If you must drive to the event, be prepared to walk a short distance from your car to the slide.

Before you jump on the Slide, head to the registration tent to check-in and pick up your goodies.  Based on what you registered for, you will receive a wristband which gives you access to ride the Slide. Hang onto your wristband or you won't be able to ride!  For maximum speed and safety all sliders must have an inflatable tube to ride. 

Children must be at least 46 inches tall and 5 years old to slide. If they don't meet these requirements they will be denied access to the slide. Riders must also go down on their own tube. Lapriding is not permitted.

If there is a little rain it only means there will be more water on the Slide!